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For Vehicles Produced After 2018


Give your BMW the coolant it deserves with Genuine BMW coolant.

Just like any part of your BMW, you want to replace old, worn out parts with factory replacements. Your fluids are no exception. If either cold or hot weather has exposed the flaws in your factory cooling system, it's easy to lose antifreeze. Green in color. 


BMW HT-12 can be used in any vehicle that currently contains G48 coolant (blue), but G48 should not continue to be used in vehicles that were originally filled with HT-12.  (see compatibility image)  This HT-12 Antifreeze/Coolant is exclusively formulated and produced for BMW to protect your engine year-round when used as directed.  It fulfills the very high standards and requirements set by BMW to help protect the engine against freezing, boil over, corrosion, and excessive silicate gel precipitation.  This ethylene glycol-based antifreeze contains no nitrites or phosphate, greatly reducing the possibility of harmful deposit formation.  BMW antifreeze provides protection for metals such as cast iron, steel, and aluminum.

Genuine BMW Coolant HT-12

$30.93 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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