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We pride ourselves on our diagnostic abilities. This allows us to accurately track the root of the problem. Say goodbye to mechanics that randomly swap parts hoping they get lucky.

From gasoline and diesel road vehicles to jet skis, motorcycles, and side by sides; if it has an engine and needs to be fixed, Sunset Performance will get it back to running like new.


We accommodate to all levels of vehicles, from daily drivers to track driven trailer princesses.

Our experienced team of technicians has a knowledge of vehicles from the USA, Germany, and Japan, and are familiar with multiple manufacturers maintenance schedules. 

We proactively find problems and address them before they can escalate into a larger repair.


One of the best advantages of living in the sunshine state is being able to run grippy summer tires year round.

We're here to help make sure we don't let that go to waste. 

From adjustable suspension installs to entire engine swap projects, we're no strangers to taking on larger projects that require a delicate approach.

Call us today to for a free build consultation!


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